Benefits of Body Massage

Man receiving thermal stone massage

Massage is the rubbing and pressing of muscles of the body with hands primarily to relieve pain. Massage has many benefits to the body. It increases the rate of blood circulation in the body and lymph flow. During the rubbing mechanical rubbing of the body, the pressure builds which in turn enhances the rate of blood flow in the body. It also causes reflex action through stimulation of the nerves thus increases blood flow.

During the squeezing of the body, the contraction of the muscles moves the lymph out of the body. This is beneficial since lymph carries impurities and waste away from the tissues. The health of the body mainly depends on the circulation of blood and lymph as they are responsible for carrying nutrients and oxygen into the body and carries away wastes. Therefore massage is necessary. Massage also increases body secretions and excretions.

 It increases the metabolic rate utilization of the absorbed materials by the body. After the squeezing of the muscles the flow of nitrogen, inorganic phosphorous and sodium chloride increases in the body. Massage also speeds up the recovery of soft tissue injuries. Since massage enhances the rate of blood circulation in the body and the growth and repair of the tissues are improved by efficient circulation of blood into the damaged parts. So it is possible that massage therapy enhances the recovery of soft tissues. For more details about massage, visit

Massage also improves sleep. The rubbing and squeezing of the body muscles cause thus stimulates one to have a comfortable sleep.  Massage also improves body immunity. Massage increases patients white blood cells count and since the white blood cells are responsible for preventing the body against germs. This gives the body strength to fight the diseases back even HIV/AIDS.

It also improves your mood from bad to good. It makes the body relax and feel good mentally. It also aids in the reduction of anxiety and depression. Massage is capable of lowering the stress hormone that makes you feel bad and in turn increases the hormone that is responsible for your good feelings thus changing your mood from bad to good.

It also reduces an unnecessary headache. Since massage therapist in folsom can reduce stress and makes one have a good sleep it can also relieve you from a headache as stress and poor sleep majorly cause a headache.

Massage also lowers blood pressure and increases flexibility. High blood pressure can lead to stroke and heart attack. It also increases flexibility by working muscles, connective tissues, tendons and by stimulating the production and retention of natural ligaments. Find massage near me here!


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